“I can’t walk through this world with blinders on or else I don’t grow. I think there are those who are afraid to let the world in — to see the injustices, the unkindness, the fear, etc. I can’t afford to be one of those people because it would mean not growing — and if I can’t grow, I can’t write. So some days, I’m like this big bruise walking through the world — and it’s a bit awful but it comes with what it means to be a writer and so I do what I need to do — take deep breaths, find things to smile about, and write.”

—Jacqueline Woodson, interview with The Brown Bookshelf


Read the quote above and think about your writing. Do what she says. "...take deep breaths, find things to smile about, and write.”





What makes you smile? Write about it. Or write a story about the little girl in the picture below.  It would be fun to see what you wrote. Feel free to email it to me at: ciwrites@comcast.net












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