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1. ABCs Go Round the World - (200 words)

An alphabet about objects that are common to different countries. For example, A is the Alpenhorn in Switzerland. A brief description is given, and the pronunciation is provided for the reader.



2. Auntie's Little One - (330 words)

This manuscript came about because my daughter couldn't find a book for her niece's birthday. It is from the aunt's perspective and tells about the time they spent together.



3. Avery's Top Secret Day - (700 words)

Avery's mom is in the military and comes home unexpectedly. It was "top secret."



4. Dance Contest - (350 words)

Red, Yellow and Blue enter a dance contest. They take turns dancing with each other and the judges must decide who will win. Will it be Orange, Purple, or Green? The reader decides for him or herself which color is the best.



5. Picasso's "Maya and Doll" - (600 words) 

The young reader will be able to relate to this piece of nonfiction about Picasso's painting of his two-year-old daughter and her doll. The child learns about Picasso and will look at his painting in a critical manner letting them know that art is unique to each viewer.



6. Grandpa and Pengie - (700 words)

Maya forgets her stuffed penguin at Grandpa’s house. Pengie wants to go home, but Maya doesn’t live nearby. Grandpa and Pengie try to figure out ways to get him home, but in the end they have to wait til Maya’s next visit. During their time together, they become close and when Maya returns, it’s a tearful goodbye. Or is it goodbye?



7. I Want my Stuffie! - (150 words)

It's bedtime and Chloe can't find her stuffed animal. Chloe and Mommy look all over the house and finally find it in Chloe's bed under her pillow. Did she know it was there all the time?



8. Piano Lessons, Baseball and Politics - (1000 words - 4 chapters)

It is 1952 and Eddie lives on the Iron Range in Minnesota. You would think that piano lessons, baseball and politics don't mix, but in the end they do. This story was inspired by a friend who told me about what happened to him. Backpages will include information about the Iron Range and about Hubert H. Humphrey, who at that time was a Minnesota state senator and went on to be vice-president under Lyndon Johnson.



9. Fairy Princess Shaylee - (2400 words - 7 chapters)

Princess Shaylee and pixie Brokk decide to prove that fairies and pixies could indeed be friends instead of enemies. When her father, the king, finds out, he forbids her to see or speak to Brokk again, but when Shaylee finds Brokk one day in dire circumstances, she must decide whether or not to obey her father or go against his command and help Brokk.



10. Holly and the Carousel Horse - (3500 words - 6 chapters)

When ten-year-old Holly goes in Miss Daphne's house for the first time, she sees something that transports her back in time to when Miss Daphne's was Holly’s age and the year is 1910. They spend the day together at the county fair and when Holly finally returns to the present time, she finds that she has a token from the past.

11. Eloise Butler: Lover of Wildflowers (850 words)

Eloise Butler saw much potential in a space where sunlight filtered through tall trees, onto ferns and wildflowers. The air was scented with the fragrance of soft-fallen rain making it a still and peaceful place. The trees, ages old, stood watch over the entrance. Eloise thought the best thing in the world to do, was to wander in a wild garden. And this she often did.

12. Mary Kingsley: Explorer (1000 words)

In the late 1800s, British explorer went to west Africa on a cultural expedition. She intermingled with several cultures of the country and also with many creatures such as snakes and tigers. Often too closely for comfort. 



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